The aim of LABDA is to offer to support to parents of children who have dyslexia as well as try to help adults who may also be having difficulties because of their dyslexia.

Support Dyslexics and Their Families

  • We have volunteer helpliners in Leeds, Bradford and Selby. The helpliners offer support to parents who contact us concerned about the lack of progress of their children and think this may be due to dyslexia.
  • We offer a befriending service to those needing support to get appropriate help for their children with dyslexia.
  • We run a Computer Club were children from 8 years old learn to touch-type and basic word processor skills. This is the only service we make a charge for.
  • We produce Newsletters to let you know what we are doing and keep you up-to-date with the world of dyslexia.

Increase Public and Professional Awareness

  • We arrange conferences for parents, teaching professional who have any interest in dyslexia.
  • We give talks to the public and professionals about dyslexia
  • We use the media to raise awareness of dyslexia at every opportunity.